Several flag retailers have recently reported increased sales due to an increase of patriotic home improvements. Films such as Glory (1989), Thunderheart (1992), JFK (1991), Born on the Fourth of July (1989), Malcolm X (1992), Jefferson in Paris (1995), or Forrest Gump (1994) focus on narratives of American national history to explore the meaning of America" from a perspective which earlier films had allegedly largely ignored.

William Pencak , For God & Country: The American Legion , 1919-1941, 1989. And in a period of Donald Trump, Brexit and the mainstreaming of fascism we would want to be careful about how we position ourselves in relation to rightwing nationalism. For all these reasons, the nationalism of the oppressed cannot be equated with the nationalism of those, like Americans, who help their own ruling class extend its oppression to other lands.

With November 2020 approaching, the door is wide open for democracy's defenders to assault Trump's pseudo-patriotism and bolster their own nationalist credentials. Patriotism denotes a special attachment to a particular political community, although not necessary to its existing form of government.

The term often brings to mind people directly involved with the defense of a nation, namely military service members as well as state and local government representatives. The nature of individuals' relationship to their nation can range from a sense of belonging, to identification with a group, to patriotism and even to nationalism.

In the 19th century, Lord Acton contrasted nationality" and patriotism as affection and instinct vs. a moral relation. I think most American blacks aren't lucky enough to have had the richness of that experience and then go and be a history professor so we can figure out what it was that you just lived through, what your soul went through.

The other problem, right around the corner, so to speak, is that love for a country is not really just love of a piece of land; normally it involves attachment to the community of its inhabitants, and this introduces nation" into the conception of patriotism.
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