Military lapel pins serve many purposes; patriotism, remembrance, recognition and membership. There are people who contributed to our country in various ways, and locations families can still visit that are significant to America's story - all of which are important for kids to learn about. In summary, the qualities of "local familial or community loyalty" and an "impersonal abstract legal loyalty" have remained part of the vocabulary of patriotism to the present day.

So perhaps one of the things we need to distinguish in our conversation is manufactured pseudo-agreement about a set of national goals and objectives versus what's been stressed over and over again, which is thoughtful and informed and self aware understanding of what may be a particular political program.

Thus, few can contest Indian cinema's, particularly Hindi cinema's, unmatched contribution to strengthening the bonds of national integration, countering divisive feelings, educating the people about our shared national history and, through all this, re-enforcing in them pride and love for the Motherland.

Apparently that is enough, however, to satisfy many people, especially families who have lost a son or daughter to war and former soldiers who have lost friends, and who need to be reassured that the patriotic response of their loved ones was justified and that they didn't die in vain.

J. l. spalding, Things of the Mind (Chicago 1894; 4th ed. 1901); Socialism and Labor and other Arguments, Social, Political and Patriotic (Chicago 1902) ch. 8, essay on "Patriotism." c. van doren, Patriotic Anthology (New York 1941). In the spirit of the 1960s and shot in road-movie style, he has the protagonists criss-cross the country in their run-down van with a battered American flag attached to the rear.

He has researched the history of our country and government much more than the average person, and goes so far as to include in the Appendices; The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Ten Commandments. Patriotism has to be more than obsequious adherence to a tortured myth; it cannot just be loving a country that doesn't love you (or anyone else) back.

It wasn't until World War II that the word nationalism began to take on a negative connotation. National monuments, and veterans days and commemoration ceremonies are typical examples. Director Alfred Hitchcock released Foreign Correspondent in 1940 allowing American audiences an intuitive look into the war lacking in point of fact only if the identity of the enemy.
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