During the early part of the 1940's, Hollywood made a number of World War II movies that not only sought to entertain, but also to heighten the spirit of "patriotism" in the American people. He draws on the memory of propaganda films https://letterboxd.com such as Frank Capra's Why We Fight,B-movies of the 1950s, as well as the American blockbusters Star Wars (1977) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) which in turn also draw on World War II movies and early genre films.

As a result of all this, the nation today is becoming something different from what the nation was in the traditional sense of the word during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and this difference should be respected even where it is the object of empirical research.

Rather, the most important prerequisite for the spread of national culture was that the elites of almost every European country in the nineteenth century received a humanities‐based education grounded in historicism, a veneration of classical virtues (patriotism being one such virtue), literature, philosophy and an understanding of the arts.

The collections usually contain pictures of national flag, national symbols, record books on historical events and, remarkable, fascinating patriotic images, photos of historical places of a country, autobiographies of nation's historic leaders, heroes and influential personalities.

And it seems to me that serving that part of who we are, and serving it energetically, and having it be the driving force in American politics, is not only a wonderful way to express patriotism, but also to ensure that our collective strength, as a people, is used for those noble global aims that you and I share.
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