Republic day of India is celebrated on 26th January every year with zeal, pride and honor. Since there are two types of Americana symbols, traditional and primitive, there are other symbols for your Americana home decor besides the American flag. In the eyes of the members of ‘its' social group, the nation would cease to exist as an entity invested with values and moral imperatives.

Patriotic Artwork can be anything related to a nation's history. Flag waving and the use of other symbols of national pride in palce of reasoning is an old tradition in America as well, and we should not imagine that we are immune to the evil that the appeal to such strong emotions can cause.

The aesthetic trajectory of Independence Day follows a twofold agenda: first, it brings into perspective the American founding myths by translating the promise of renewal, regeneration, and rebirth encoded in the Declaration of Independence into contemporary science fiction films.

Those of us who grew up in the United States probably knew the Pledge of Allegiance and the names of the 50 nifty United States before we could even spell patriotism." For the even more privileged of us, patriotism was a default setting — patriotism that is borderline nationalism.

George Orwell , Essay: Notes on Nationalism (1945). The following year, Americans flocked to "Casablanca," which unsubtlely villified the Nazis and glorified the resistance of European conquered peoples as a backdrop to the now immortal love triangle of Rick, Ilsa, and Victor.

In the Utah desert, the war heroes meet with their families to re-establish the myth of the vastness of the American landscape ready to be re-cultivated, a renewal of the American civilization in a country where the president shares his rights of equality and liberty with the modern day settlers.

In the nineteenth century, patriotism was increasingly interpreted in a different, nationalist manner, and patriotism and nationalism are nowadays often equated. 4. It's improper to place any other flag of pennant above or on the right of the U.S. flag, if flown at the same level as the American flag.
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