Several flag retailers have recently reported increased sales due to an increase of patriotic home improvements. Patriotism in the sense of the love of one's community is therefore a duty of man flowing from intelligent recognition and moral acceptance of the very form of creation: the creation not of the individual, man, who existed alone only long enough for God to confirm the fact of his incompleteness, but of the human family, mankind, which provides the social principle of the person's being and the necessary context for his truly personal growth.

An individual's relationship to the nation cannot be sweepingly embraced within the well‐worn and moreover ambiguous term ‘nationalism'. In India, Modi's proposed National Registry of Citizens and Citizenship Amendment Bill prompted furious popular resistance from flag-waving, constitution-quoting, national anthem-singing demonstrators, most of them women.

The main feature of the Republic Day is a grand and royal parade that showcases the military powers and cultural wealth of the country along with the patriotic fervor of the Indian citizens. And for our children, I think it's a chance to realize that growing up there are really responsibilities that come with citizenship as well as the privileges of being an American.

The Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations are widely enjoyed, with Americans in other countries even participating from afar. There are also numerous federal, state, and city ordinances and regulations that give guidance on how to show respect for the American flag and its representations.

Patriotism is a natural consequence of political membership or citizenship, and it is not clear where—other than membership itself—the duties of patriotism originate or what justifies them other than that membership, for patriotism is not voluntarily assumed as general political obligations are presumed to be. To deny or renounce patriotism or to act contrary to what its proponents deem appropriate is to be disloyal.

Freedoms such as those outlined in the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments in the U.S. Constitution) This important document in American history is the decree that allows us the freedoms of speech, religion and freedom of press - and that's just the First Amendment.
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