I wish I had started writing this series of articles called 'The Subtle Differences' soon after I first landed on these shores almost three years ago, before I learnt all that I know now and became accustomed to American life. Members of the settlement's American Legion post raise and lower the flags and lead the twice-daily Grand Entry into the arena. It is the holiday that most embodies patriotism, that is, love of country. Protected by a bad case of mistaken identity, patriotic symbols can now be the bridge over which the positive emotions generated by the social community pass over into actually existing class society.

We Americans claim to be a peace-loving people. Nationalism and Particularity. 16 Michael Ignatieff, Blood and Belonging: Journeys Into the New Nationalism (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1994), 1. By doing so, she argues, our patriotism will leave marines room for serious, even radical criticism of our country, and will not be a force for dissension and conflict in the international arena.

Instead, it is the egoistic instincts of the individual that are demagogically appealed to, instincts such as xenophobia and racism, and this is where the risk of waves of nationalistic group passions resides, the aim of which will be not to serve the nation in the sense of a cultural or civic value, but to assert the interests of a group beneath the guise of so‐called national interests.

Independence Day wholeheartedly embraces the American founding myths and translates them into a science fiction scenario. 36 The persuasive promise of American democracy and the founding myths continue to haunt the imagination of Germans. The FTC Rule that protects franchisors from fraud in arbitration and the state courts became public policy that was rationalized as serving the greater good of the American economy, and the greatest good of the greatest number of citizens.

Orwell, George, 1968, Notes on Nationalism," Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters, Sonia Orwell and Ian Angus (eds.), London: Secker & Warburg, vol. You might dismiss the concern because you don't have foreign nationals visiting your church today. Studies show that, overall, Americans exhibit more patriotic fervor than most other peoples.

In 1908 the British Parliament decreed that the Union Jack should be the National flag. Sectional differences, of course, persisted, but Memorial Day started to become a national holiday. As the nation celebrates its 244th birthday, those of us who still love it must redouble our efforts to convert those who don't to our side.

In other words, it was only once a certain level of education had been attained that the nation, in the sense of a cultural abstraction and as a community with a shared fate, became intelligible to and appealed to the wider population. The act of patriotism and feeling patriotic are things which will make for a stronger nation.
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