Several flag retailers have recently reported increased sales due to an increase of patriotic home improvements. On the other hand, the very vagueness of the notion of "country" allows people to conflate it with the social community, and to react to the patriotic symbols put forward by the former as if they were true expressions of the latter. Throughout the trials and tribulations of our country the Afro American people have stood firm in their defense and resolve for America.

The very importance of patriotism today, we are in this together might add, also indicates some of the forces that could be put into motion to rebuild a true social community once the class that dominates the illusory community has been removed from power. It was a mathematical analysis so Lewis could only quantify correlations between answers—but he was able to demonstrate that the connection between patriotism and nationalism was not particularly strong.

He draws on the memory of propaganda films such as Frank Capra's Why We Fight,B-movies of the 1950s, as well as the American blockbusters Star Wars (1977) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) which in turn also draw on World War II movies and early genre films.

The Serbian and Polish examples represent two extreme poles on the scale of different relationships that can exist between the nation as a social reality and a cultural construct during the course of a national movement. Patriotism should therefore share all the opprobrium heaped upon nationalism.

6. The U.S. flag should be displayed at the center and highest point of any group of non-national flags, such as state, local, or societal pennants and flags, if they're on staffs. Habermas, Jürgen, 1992, Citizenship and National Identity: Some Reflections on the Future of Europe," Praxis International, 12: 1-19.

Sadly, recent developments in the American state and among its most patriotic supporters have made the connotations carried by the term "nationalism" more relevant than ever, and argues for our using the terms "nationalism' and "nationalist" instead of "patriotism" and "patriot" whenever we can.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine a political community in which the belief in the legitimacy of collective self-preference does not hold sway—which is not to say that most citizens attach a weight of zero to the interests of human beings beyond the borders of their community, or that they should do so. Self-preference is one thing, moral obtuseness another.
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