Africans in America are assailed by deplorable conditions, such as; lowest amount of wealth, highest unemployment, lowest income, highest crime rate, and fastest death rate. However most of the beauty supply stores and nail salons are owned by someone other than Black People. I heard him say once, Building and empowering men and women can do more for the community, than building churches." Allow me to introduce a preacher who is trying to give people on earth a taste of heaven.

We'll also use our channels to introduce these founders, their stories, and their businesses to our community. First it was just focused on Chicago, where he lives, and Minneapolis, his hometown, but it has quickly grown to include links to support black-owned shops across the country.

So far, in the month of June, there has been an uptick in searches related to black-owned businesses. Just because a member identifies itself within a Caribbean business directory doesn't mean they are not able to reach out beyond this community for potential business.

Blair says it's important to not only support black businesses, but also support the institutions that are working to address wider issues of unemployment, education and even technology gaps in poor communities, like the Black Chamber of Commerce. These businesses employed 975,052 people, an increase of 5.9 percent; their payrolls totaled $27.7 billion, an increase of 15.9 percent (not adjusted for inflation).

Atlanta is packed full of unique local businesses, and among them are shops, spas and studios that you might not have known are black-owned. That has proved devastating for the many black businesses like Selmon's that were deemed a non-essential service by state officials and ordered to close to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.
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