Motion sickness cures are becoming more of an interest to people, as cruises become more and more popular. Meanwhile, CDC and California health officials prepared to transport more than 2,000 cruise ship passengers from Carnival's Grand Princess to hospitals for care or military bases for quarantine after a COVID-19 outbreak on that ship. The Herald found COVID-19 cases linked to at least 54 ocean-going cruise ships — roughly one-fifth of the global ocean cruise fleet.

Cruise lines are taking the temperatures of passengers and crew and having them complete questionnaires before they board any ship. Approximately 120 cruise ships with more than 80,000 crew on board are currently sailing in U.S. waters; at least 20 have known or suspected COVID-19 infections, according to the CDC.

True, among the beneficiaries of the cruise industry during its main season between October and April were local primary producers supplying ships with fresh food with Royal Caribbean alone spending upwards of $50 million on such supplies each season.

Much of the conversation about cruise ships at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic focused on getting passengers home, with the plight of cruise ship employees largely sidelined. Future cruise credits can be used for any open sailing. The company said two of its ships will sail from Port Canaveral, Florida.

Australia recorded its first coronavirus death on March 1 when 78-year-old Perth man James Kwan died in hospital. Two cruise ships carrying more than 5,000 passengers are in quarantine in Asian waters. The disruption spread to cruise ships this week with about 3,700 people facing at least two weeks locked away on a liner anchored off Japan after health officials confirmed that 10 people aboard had tested positive for the virus.
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