With television turning more and more toward reality shows, it has opened up the world of entertainment to you and me, common viewers. To shake things up, though, things get heated during episode four's streetwear challenge with guest judge Kerby Jean-Raymond, designer of the famed and forward-thinking menswear label Pyer Moss The fallout forces the judges to have important conversations and the contestants to defend their skills—something you don't often see on a competition series.

In the first season, Reality Steve spilled a contestant could make between "$7,000-$15,000" if they made it to the end of the season, but the amount has increased in the summers since, with Amanda Stanton reportedly receiving the biggest payday to return for season four after first participating in season three.

A show that already revolves around affluence, plastic surgeon husbands, vacation homes in the Hamptons, and even owning a basketball team, it should come as no surprise The Real Housewives require a large salary to even consider appearing on a reality TV show.

Between shows like Love Island , which today returns for its fifth season, Britain's Got Talent, Gogglebox and The Greatest Dancer, First Dates and classics like The Crystal Maze, the nation's appetite for reality TV and game shows really hasn't wavered.

For a production house or a network to invest in the creation of a reality show based on a conceived idea, it should have the magnetism to generate interest, excitement, and enthusiasm in your audience. 7. Humor goes a long way in any pitch, and we've all seen the success that an odd or Funny reality show family can find on television.

Reality cooking shows effectively introduce cooking to people who are looking for edgier programs. Without a need for real talent or ability to propel a show, the returns are diminishing each season and each incarnation. Obviously different tv shows look for different types of contributors depending on the type of program they are making but there are some things that all the different types of reality tv show will look for when selecting the ideal contributor.
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