How do you sell your own reality TV show? If you are able to buckle down and put your idea into a developed, thoughtful script, preferably a couple of episodes, you are much more likely to catch the eye of a production company. In its 13th season, our team of producers and editors delivered the highest-rated season of the show when it aired last summer.

Among reality show archetypes, he represents the culture shocked foreigner. Especially if a Producer reading your pitch is already sold on the concept, they don't want to be turned off by having to read a lengthy section that isn't moving the story or format forward.

It came to a point where I just had to let the show go. I know there are problems with the show and there is a lot more that we could do with it, but I had to let it go. The problem is, you only get one chance to make a first impression and if people don't like the first episode, it will be hard to get them to come back.

49 There have been various hybrid reality-competition shows, like the worldwide-syndicated Star Academy, which combines the Big Brother and Idol formats, The Biggest Loser , which combines competition with the self-improvement format, and American Inventor , which uses the Idol format for products instead of people.

The globally syndicated format Dragons' Den shows a group of wealthy investors choosing whether or not to invest in a series of pitched startup companies and entrepreneurial ventures This was later emulated in the ABC series Shark Tank The series Restaurant Startup similarly involves investors, but involves more of a game show element in which restaurant owners compete to prove their worth.
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