Personality may be the obstacle which makes people

different. The way in which an individual feels, thinks and acts are

Things that make some one unique. Some may choose

how they live; some will only go with the stream. The others

may appreciate some thing can the others may not really start to see the

Smallest fun underneath it. Many people take drugs in

order to really have a haven of escape from a lot of pressure

and pres-sure. This surprising essay has a few rousing warnings for the purpose of this activity. For others, peer-pressure, work

Anxiety and boredom can induce the sickness. It is easy

To make something bad than something good because

you never really have to prove your-self. That is where

dual analysis will come in.


You can find numerous theories to explain why an

individual who tends to experience severe psychological

Problem are extremely much at risk of substance abuse.

On the other hand, you can find also certain explanations

why co-existence of those habits is prevalent.

Problems is going to be further described through-the

following theories:

1. Concept of Self-medication

Within this concept, it suggests that when an individual

who is affected with a severe mental infection starts to use

Many types and kinds of drugs to be able to reduce

Certain symptoms. My dad learned about by searching newspapers. Coping with psychotic treatment

Negative effects can also be dealt with. Meaning, ingredients

are not primarily selected in a random phase but with

Great purpose.

Even though, with the dependence of the individual for the

medications in order to reduce the symptoms of his

or her mental disease, it results that the person could

no longer carry on life without having that

Medicine. Example, smoking is a stimulant which

deals with sedation that's due to increased amounts

of anti-psychotic drugs.

Even though, this study isn't entirely accepted

because of the facts that one individuals use

drugs exactly the same way that person who doesnt show any

sign of mental illness do.

2. Theory of multiple risk factors In accordance with

Mueser, there are several factors in the atmosphere

which requires attention and could cause co-existing

Problems. A number of which is:

Living a life where drugs is highly available and

Anyone may keep the behavior

Poverty and not enough resources

Insufficient person or parent guidance and


Not enough structured each and every day actions

Being associated to individuals who are already using


Isolation in the usual social norms of life

Other facts also suggests that events before

life which are disturbing like sexual abuse might be

directly associated to the mental problem

development and abuse of illegal substances. Browse here at the link to compare when to deal with it.

3. Theory of Dysphoria

The convenience of the principle states that whenever a

person experiences dysphoria, she or he can lead to

drug reliance just to relieve or reduce the bad

Thoughts. Re-search suggests that this really is among the

foremost motivators in why someone leads to alcohol

or substance abuse.

4. Theory of Supersensitivity

In accordance with Mueser, those who experience severe emotional

Problems have biological and psychological

Weaknesses which may be regarded to inherited

causes. Meaning, those who are suffering vulnerability

when a stressful event does occur in his / her life will

Lead to initiating a mental disease or episodes.

Some of those concepts are totally approved by

medical practitioners coping with the customer who is

experiencing dual diagnosis. These theories may

greatly aid in the successful diagnosis and plan of

treatment of exactly the same occurring problems..

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