Does Bleach Work for Toenail Fungus? People suffering from diabetes develop foot infections more often. Univeristy Foot and Ankle Center is the only provider of GenesisPlus toenail fungus care in the entire region. The symptoms include but are not limited to: Thick toenails, Discolored and dull nails that lack luster, Distorted nails, Brittle and crumbly nails and a slight foul odor emanating from the nail bed.

Oral treatments are anti-fungal medicines taken by mouth. How to use it: Antifungal pills work faster than medicine applied to the nails, the AAD says, but you should still expect a few months of consistent use, per your doctor's instructions. However, there is no concrete clinical evidence to suggest that vinegar will definitely work, though some users do report that the treatment can work on mild cases of fungal infections.

If you are older and are male, the chances of toenail fungus are exponentially higher. If somebody is suffering from a suspected fungal nail infection, it is advisable to visit the doctor so that they can advise on a treatment plan for the infected nail(s).

This essential oil has significant antifungal effects, along with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Your doctor may prescribe a topical nail fungus treatment such as Jublia® (efinaconazole) or a medication you take by mouth such as Lamisil® (terbinafine) for treatment of fungal nails.

Topical medications are fairly effective in treating mild to moderate toenail fungus. There are a few things you can do if you're trying to find how to get rid of toenail fungus. Paint the oil on affected nails twice a day for at least two months. If you have a mild fungal nail infection or are concerned about the risks of taking antifungal pills, try an antifungal medicine you put directly on your skin (topical medicine).

In the case of toenail and fingernail fungal infections, the pathophysiology of the nail is altered such that it is not able to provide its normal function. Dermatophytes cause almost all fungal toenail infections. First, do not wear anyone elses shoes, or play footsies with anyone that has it. Wash your feet well, dry them completely, change socks every day, and do let your feet get as much air as possible.

An important warning: oral antifungal medications have many drug interactions and can be very dangerous, or even fatal, if taken in combination with certain medications. As a helpful consequence of Tea Tree oils antiseptic nature, it can be effective in relieving the painful often itchy side effects of problem skin and nails.
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