Nail fungus is a condition that affects people of all ages, both men and women, and up to 8% of the population. And, while it can can appear on your fingers, the fungus is more likely to appear and persist in your Thick Toenails because of the warm, moist environment of your shoes , where these little buggers can thrive, and unfortunately, where it's most likely to affect your running.

WARNING: While some have used snakeroot extract (Asarum) to treat nail fungus, it is not safe to use during pregnancy. For best results it is recommended that you use both so that the fungus infection can be treated from both outside and inside. Although fungal nail infections are not life-threatening, they're an important health problem because of their high prevalence and poor response to therapy.

Your pharmacist or doctor will advise you whether you need treatment, and if so, which type you need. If the lab test confirms it's fungus, there are a number of ways to go with treatment. If a nail is discolored or damaged but isn't painful, you may decide not to treat the infection.

The fungus can also be spread inside the home by using or sharing towels that contain infected pieces of skin, sharing of shoes, or walking on floors that may have contaminated residue. 11 The definition of onychomycosis is a fungal nail infection. Treatment is not always needed if your infection is mild.

A nail lacquer that contains the antifungal medicine amorolfine is an alternative for most (but not all) types of fungi that infect nails. Vicks will start to work its way underneath the nailbed and into the infected skin, killing the nail fungus spores. If not treated, a fungal infection is likely to get worse and spread to other parts of the nail, the nail bed, and possibly the surrounding skin.
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