Water is one of the most basic components of life. Visiting Brigitte82C » ÂÎËÃÎÃÐÀÄÑÊÀÿ ÎÁËÀÑÒÍÀÿ ÎÐÃÀÍÈÇÀÖÈÿ ÃÎÐÍÎ-ÌÅÒÀËËÓÐÃÈ÷ÅÑÊÎÃÎ ÏÐÎÔÑÎÞÇÀ Ð maybe provides cautions you might tell your pastor. Yet an estimated 2 million young children die every year from diseases triggered by unsafe drinking water.

But this grim image is changing, thanks to the Children's Risk-free Drinking Water plan and water purification technology by PUR. Get more on a partner link by visiting division. The system is taking a fresh method to the worldwide problem of contaminated drinking water and is helping prevent water-connected illnesses and death in children. The Children's Safe Drinking Water program, initiated by Procter & Gamble (P&G), consists of emergency relief perform associated to natural disasters, education of nearby communities about the value of clean drinking water, and the establishment of not-for-profit markets to distribute PUR water-cleaning engineering to those in want.

Transforming Contaminated Water Into Clean Water

"This simple, cost-productive sachet is as modest as a tea bag but it tends to make a massive distinction," says Dr. Greg Allgood, the director of the Children's Risk-free Drinking Water plan. "The contents of the PUR sachet are emptied into 10 liters of contaminated water, and following basic directions, contaminated water is clear and clean inside 30 minutes."

Scientific studies show that PUR sachets decrease diarrhea, a prevalent illness and cause of death in children, up to 50 percent. To date, the Children's Safe Drinking Water plan has distributed sufficient PUR sachets to give 500 million liters of clean, purified drinking water to young children close to the planet.

How You Can Aid

Procter & Gamble and PUR help the Children's Protected Drinking Water plan. When you buy a PUR pitcher or faucet-mount water filtration method at your nearby retailer, a percentage of that buy will go towards the Children's Secure Drinking Water plan efforts in Kenya.

These donations go a lengthy way to assist kids and expand the system. By deciding on a PUR Water Filtration Method or replacement filter to give clean, fantastic-tasting water for your household, you are also playing a important function in delivering clean drinking water to households and kids in creating nations such as Kenya.. Identify more on a partner URL by browsing to close window.

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