Since the viability rate of the fresh seeds is about 20% while that of not-so-fresh seeds is about 10%, you can plant about 5 to 10 seeds per pot. The grafting process produced mitrascience amazing effects for the Worlds First Legal Kratom Plantation", and they named the potent strain Maeng Da, the word for a large edible beetle, as well as a derogatory term for a pimp. Even a small 18 watt fluorescent light has been shown to work with small kratom plants without any negative impacts.

If it is not there, please try and create the conditions as best as you can and only then will the tree will be able to grow properly. These plants can be difficult to grow in open air due to their need for a tropical climate, excessive water, and fertile, rich soil.

Due to marketing, ease of access, and lower cost compared to other drugs, kratom is rising in popularity in the U.S. and elsewhere, with consumers using kratom products both for the self-treatment of medical conditions and recreationally. You can take a twig and place it in moist soil, moss, or water till it starts growing roots.

If you are lucky enough and your Kratom seeds grow into full-size Kratom tree, then you need to harvest the leaves of the plant. If you're not careful, plants grown from cuttings are easily subject to infection. Planting kratom outdoors is most likely the worst way to attempt to grow this botanical.

Kratom plants are some of the most difficult plants to grow from cuttings or seeds. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of Kratom plants, that's okay. The distance your canopy is from the bulb will become an issue when the plant becomes a tall tree, so prune it or tie it down to promote bushy, short growth.
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