A floor jack is a hydraulically operated tool to lift a heavy car or truck with relative ease. The low profile means the JEGS should work with different vehicles, including those with flat tires and low ground clearance. In working on vintage cars I've found many of them that are easier to lift using a motorcycle floor jack. There are several marked differences between a floor jack that costs well over two hundred dollars and one that costs less than fifty, with the most obvious difference being lifting capacity.

The jacks that cost a little bit more will usually have dual-pistons, which helps raise the jack up very quickly. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a budding mechanic, a good floor jack will allow you to carry out all kinds of work on your vehicle in your garage or on your property in a convenient and simple way.

A 3-ton weight capacity is superb, and a lifting height of a shade less than 20 inches is incredible for such a low profile Jack. It is recommended if for safety reasons you get a jack with a higher load capacity than that of your car. To minimize risks, we at Ranger offer safe, ANSI certified hydraulic floor jacks.

The maximum lifting capacity of this floor jack is an impressive 3.5 tons or 7000 lbs, which is higher than most competing models of floor jack, making it an ideal model to use for lifting trucks or other particularly heavy vehicles with ease. You have to make sure that the jack stays in contact with the undercarriage of the vehicle when it is raised high.

This jack has a 3-ton lift capacity with a lift range of 3.75-18 inches. We have spoken to multiple auto mechanics and car repair enthusiasts in order to pick out the top 10 best Arcan Floor Jack jacks which you can rely on. Always use jack stands to fully support the raised weight of the vehicle to avoid personal injury or property damage.

The low profile design also makes it easy to use with different vehicles. To make lifting of bikes, tractors and ATVs more comfortable and convenient, Powerbuilt 620422E comes equipped with a removable jack saddle. Now that's a whole lot weight, thus, when your car weight is below or just three tons, then this simple machine could be your best pick.

This GoodYear's trolley jack features a maximum 2 and ¼ ton capacity car or vehicles. Additionally, this model is one of the best-rated floor jack on the market because it is made out of steel which makes it very durable and long-lasting. With the ability to haul approximately 43.9 pounds, this hydraulic jack can be used to comfortably lift a large SUV or van.
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