xx porn videos https://karmatantric.com/product-category/location/tantric-massage-knightsbridge/. While companies are making all its efforts to advertise their products by making the most interesting and eye-catching videos, series of fake xx porn videos are also born with ridiculous content to make ill of those products and the manufactures. It seems that the giant computer maker Apple is the biggest inspiration for those fake videos. Let's watch and make a comparison between the real and fake videos which can make you not help laughing but cause manufactures to get angry.

iPhone vs ZunePhone

Real video advertises Apple iPhone

Fake video which is based on the advertisement style of Apple to help users imagine the ZunePhone - the upcoming mobile of Microsoft - so ridiculous.

Touch phone of BlackBerry

Real video: The touchscreen of BlackBerry defeats Apple iPhone

Fake video: Apple's fans retaliate with the fact that "blackberry" will lose when competing with "apple".

Honda's advertisement

Real video: Automobile advertisement of Honda is one of the most expensive advertisement in the world

Fake video: That's the reason why it inspires lots of fake videos

Superthin MacBook Air

Real video: MacBook Air is thin enough to be fitted in an envelop

Fake video: Lenovo X300 and Sony Vaio could also be fitted in an envelop while being equipped with all functions.

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