Big, big shoulders were introduced on lots of the jackets. Again, it remains to be seen how much this style will be adopted by the audience that is fashion-aware.

I saw a few of America's most popular models, as soon as I walked on the lot of Ralph Schomp Automotive, factory dealer for Honda and Mini. The Mini Cooper, resurrected in 2002, has outsold products. With the release of this Mini Cooper S and Mini Convertible variants, demand skyrocketed. And today, with inclusion of this Clubman model and the 2007 redesign, Minis have never been more desirable. And yet, despite prices from the mill, Mini dealers refuse to offer them above retail. The Honda Fit, which in its first year in the usa sold a multiplicity of exactly what the manufacturer expected, has never, at least by my eye, been sold for more than the pittance the mill suggests.

This brand of automobile has perpetually been raising the bars when it comes to design, quality and functionality. The 911 model is one of the Porsche. Each inch speaks of being a sports vehicle meant for speed racing. How fast can it go? It can travel up to 60mph.

To go along with this look, large, heavy shoes are "de rigeur". Models in the series had their hair pulled up into topknots. Rope-like "sweat-bands" in white or black were worn around the models' heads. I am not sure what the purpose of this was. It may appeal to some.

While doubling sales amounts in less than five years is no easy feat, especially in a down market, Audi are the company. Audi is fast becoming the fastest growing luxury nameplate in the U.S. with sales for the month of November up 37.5 percent compared to last November. November of the year marked the eighth month of the year and the fourth consecutive month that Audi achieved record breaking numbers and was the finest November in Audi's U.S. history. These numbers don't place Audi, though impressive. Not yet, anyway.

Actress automobile car shows Kerry Washingtonpulled together on the carpet and is constantly well-dressed. She has on a look that is stylish, pretty, and suits her. While attending show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, she wore.

The British constructed Jaguar X-Type placed at number 13, the highest non vehicle to generate the list. The Mercedes Benz SLK showed up at number 25.
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