Secondly, there are 4 air bags built into one on each side, the smart fortwo and two at the front. High-mounted bucket seats have headrests to protect your head and neck during seatbelts that are integrated and a collision containing belt tensioner and belt-force limiter technology.

Safety was their driving used cars ( concern when this car was designed by Mercedes Benz for the United States. They knew Americans would never buy such a car without a safety record. Safety is built into every part of the wise car design, as they are in bigger vehicles, and all of the safety features are available as standard items, less upgrades.

1 dress was made with a plunging neckline and highlights. The print design reminded me of the colours found in a beautiful peacock. It was feminine and soft. I'm positive that this simple piece's appeal recorded womens hearts. It was soft and so delicate.

To go along with this appearance, big, heavy shoes are "de rigeur". Models in the show had up pulled their hair into topknots. Rope-like "sweat-bands" in white or black were worn around the models' heads. I am not sure what the purpose of this was. It might appeal to some.

The girls will certainly impress. Did you know where introduced because of this car mainly in the UK that street speed limits? It runs up to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

Big shoulders were introduced on lots of the jackets. It remains to be seen how much this fashion will be adopted by the audience that is fashion-aware.

One of the stand out pieces was a dress that appeared to be only string upon string of beads which swirled around the model with each strut. They were black, blue, and white. It was like a sea was fashioned on to her skin. The appearance was exotic.

There are literally thousands of designs and styles available and with some research you can get the best alloy wheels design for your car. The most common styles include eccentric expression of the 3 spoke wheel, smart company like appearance appearance, way out appearance of the spoke wheel appearance and lower cost replicas of many styles and makes.
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