The NFL power rankings in week 16 are no doubt something of a frustration to New Orleans Saints fans however restore a sense of intend to those who root for the New York Giants. Chargers fans are still riding high - as are Colts fans, for the mighty Indianapolis Colts go to 14-0 in their quote for an ideal season.

The term franchise quarterback has actually been thrown around so much that it has become a chiche. The quarterback is the one person upon whose shoulders everything hinges. He takes the ball from the center and needs to get it to another gamer making the play. Typically his task is just to hand it to a back, and those are the simple plays for him. Other plays he has to throw the ball to another player. He doesn't have to fret about anything other than making sure he gets it in the ideal place for the runner when he is handing off. On a pass play nevertheless, he has everything on his shoulders.

The Amari Cooper Jerseys have actually started putting pieces in location with their quarterback of the future in JaMarcus Russell, running backs Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, tight end Zach Miller, and potentially receivers Johnnie Lee Higgins and Chaz Schilens. However, they have to construct the chemistry as a team, along with have better security from the offensive line in order to succeed.

However the Giants (8-6) are still in the running for a playoff berth. On Monday night, they butchered their NFC East rival, the Washington Redskins, by a rating of 45-12. And if they continue to play as masterfully as they did Monday night, they simply might make it into the playoffs.

The Bears wish to get the axe back this season. Having the game on their house field is a huge advantage for the Bears, who have won all 5 of their games in the house this season. We'll have more on the Big Video game tomorrow, but for now, I have actually discovered some video of the press conferences from both coaches.
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