Hemp is an extremely undervalued resource that has applications in both industry and medicine. Companies and individuals who extract CBD themselves are realising that cannabis has more to offer medicinally than just CBD or THC, and that there is little to no reason to not include all that this "super-plant" has to offer in the extraction process.

With rosin, the resin is extracted from the raw flowers directly. Crumble is made using almost the same method as other wax varieties, save for the fact that it's exposed to lower heat than other cannabis concentrates. Live Resin Terp Sugar is an MPX specific product that was created by our extract team with years of knowledge and experience.

Cannabis extracts entail a wide category of products that includes any extract of the cannabis plant, including extracts from marijuana and hemp These extracts contain high levels of cannabinoids like CBD and THC , much higher by weight than the dry cannabis flowers, leaves, or stems.

Non-solvent concentrates are arguably considered a healthier form of concentrate due to the absence of any residual solvent on a parts per million (PPM) scale, although all medical and legal solvent-based concentrates produced are purged and tested extensively to ensure residual solvent ppm levels are in adherence with FDA regulations.

There are a number of different techniques for creating the THC and CBD extracts that are used to create these products, and which extraction technique is best will depend on what exactly the product manufacturer desires or prioritizes. Performing the alcohol extraction at low temperatures increases the likelihood of bloomdelivery your extracting terpenes and cannabinoids rather than chlorophyll and other plant material.

Other forms of cannabis are solid and are usually sold either as resin or dried plant material. Often considered 99.9% pure THC, crystalline is made in extraction laboratories using advanced techniques. It's important to note that there are solvent-based and solventless marijuana concentrates.

An extract is the generic term used to describe any oil that has been processed to concentrate the cannabis plant's chemical compounds. Propane extracts slightly different ratios of cannabinoids and also has a lower boiling point. Part 4 will guide you toward cutting-edge concentrates perfect for the oil connoisseur.
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