Today target balance gift card are not a thoughtless gift. So if you have any problem with the Target Gift Card then you should contact the MyBalanceNow Customer Support. Yes, you can use credit cards to buy gift cards at most retailers that offer them. A: Yes, you may use a gift card as tender for phone orders as it relates to a cruise reservation, pre-purchased shore excursion or spa experience payment, excluding purchases of Bon Voyage items.

In the event you need to return an item you purchased with your Gift Card, the merchant will handle the item in accordance with Visa® guidelines. A: No, Gift Cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash, except where required by law. In the past, most retailers prohibited shoppers from purchasing a Visa prepaid gift card with a credit card.

These are also known in the card industry as closed-loop" gift cards, and can only be used at their specific store or store chain. Most cards no longer place wording in their fine print that says you won't earn rewards for gift card purchases, but some cards won't allow gift card sales to count toward minimum spending requirements for signup bonuses.

Cons: You can only use these gift cards with their branded merchants, so you'll want to make sure the recipient will shop at the relevant stores before giving it. Also, you'll lose the value on the card if the store goes out of business (though usually there will be a notice to make sure you use up the balance).

If you are interested in purchasing the card despite these limitations, you may find the at Target locations a few selected stores. A: Standard gift cards have no expiration dates. Like all payment cards, prepaid cards should be safeguarded, treated like cash. The best thing you can do is ask a cashier or store manager about their purchase policy before getting in line with your card.
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