Unique coffee tables in marble , brass and precious materials, handmade in Italy by the finest artisans. We have tables to suit the style and functional needs of every customer, so whether your table will be used as a place to rest cocktails, coffee, sippy cups, or all of the above, you're sure to find what you're looking for at Leon's. Explore our unique and eclectic selection of pieces imported from countries around the world in contemporary, mid-century and unexpected global designs.

We've also included coffee tables and side tables in many of our large table series, so you can match your coffee tables directly with any desks and conference tables that you may already have chosen for your office. His coffee table with attached nesting table design is especially noteworthy.

The closer you have the coffee table to the sofa the higher it can be. If your living room set up has expanded seating around the sofa, look for a lower coffee table so that it services all areas of your seating arrangements and still allows for space.

If you are looking for a vintage look, we suggest that you go for wooden tables. When selecting a coffee table always think about the purpose of adding that furniture item. Very often, particularly in the case of wooden coffee tables the lid can be very heavy.

For a heavier rustic style, a hickory log Luxury Coffee Tables table will bring in a cabin or great lodge feel. In this case depth not only refers to the actual size of the coffee table, but also its distance from the sofa. Choose a table with a beautifully finished wooden top or an elegant glass or marble top to give your display items a beautiful place to rest.
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