For many people living in small inner city apartments finding suitable storage for all of their possessions is an ongoing problem. If you are not able to locate a designer in your city consider searching online for a design studio that specializes in etched glass coffee tables. Whatever you chose for your coffee tables, think outside of the box when choosing containers for the display. Modern coffee tables become exciting conversation pieces.

I like the sofa and coffee table to have a relationship where the sofa hugs the coffee table or is parallel to it in some way. While the average coffee table height is approximately 17 inches, the right dimensions for your new table should depend mainly on the height of the sofa you choose to pair it with.

You can find some tables that are made purely of glass, but they can be dangerous, especially if they are made of the glass that is not tempered. However, while décor can be your style guide, you need to measure the area you intent to place the coffee table in before starting any shopping.

Especially when entertaining large groups, try opening up your seating arrangements by clearing the space of any sharp edges, excess furniture or over-sized coffee tables that could block the flow of energy through the space. It is not easy keeping a wooden coffee table with storage clean.

The level of functionality your coffee table offers depends on how you want to use it. While most coffee tables have a flat surface supported on a base, there are plenty that offer additional features. Resin construction allows you to extend your living space outside your home with a fresh, modern appeal.

And the height of the coffee table to should be roughly the same height as your sofa cushions. Seek out unique coffee tables with lift tops , shelves or drawers A storage coffee table that doubles as an ottoman is also a stylish and functional option available on Houzz.
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