There are a lot of different types of vacuum cleaners on the market today, all with different features, attachments, filtering systems, etc. A highly rated model featuring a brush design to clean more on the first pass. The KENT Force vacuum cleaner is packed with a motor that's highly efficient in cleaning multiple types of surfaces. This Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is a trendy appliance that suits the modern household.

It also makes hand and stick vacuums, canister models (about $80 to $300), bare-floor cleaners, and deep carpet cleaners. The main issue is that you have to bend over more often when using a canister vacuum cleaner, which can be a problem if you have back pains.

This vacuum cleaner doesn't have the most impressive reach under furniture. This vacuum's greatest strength is the three level height adjustment and ability to do as well on carpets as hard floors. Canister cleaners have HEPA filters that suck more dust particles, particules and allergens from the air.

The Shark NV601UKT comes with Lift-Away technology, meaning it doubles up as a handheld and upright vacuum clean, perfect for getting those hard to reach spots. One of the biggest points of differentiation between readanswer a regular vacuum cleaner and one of these mean machines from Bissell would be the way it tackles pet hairs.

This gives average suction power when cleaning carpets and bare floors. This is because the manufacturing or importing of vacuum cleaners above 900 watts was banned within the European Union in September 2017. If you have combination flooring in your home, you're going to want a vacuum that can thoroughly clean both carpets and bare floors.
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