Value hunts are typical the rage, from Disney's struck video, 'National Treasure,' to NBC's new show, 'Treasure Hunters.' That summer, everyone could take part in a treasure hunt and earn to be able to win awards while offering to your cause: educational scholarships for your children and spouses of U.S. Be taught more on our related encyclopedia by going to commercial asea review. Troops. Clicking tell us what you think likely provides aids you might tell your sister.

A desire to thank the troops motivated Kelsi and Rachel Okun, siblings from McLean, Va., to make ThanksUSA, a nationwide treasure hunt to gain military people. On the list of awards are a Harley-Davidson motorcycle; a big-screen home theatre system; and visits to the 2007 Super Bowl, the Daytona 500, London and Cairo, Egypt. All gifts were donated by sponsors.

The Okuns' virtual value search contains 12 'chapters,' which are posted online in a clue book. Each page tests participants' understanding of American history, popular tradition, geography and trivia pertaining to a certain state. Those that correctly answer the questions in each chapter are eligible to get a prize.

Participants who successfully answer all 12 stages meet the criteria to get the $100,000 grand prize offer including a Washington, D.C., adventure to find a treasure chest stuffed with rare gems, jewelry and centuries-old coins.

ThanksUSA is small for 'Treasure Hunt Aiding Needs of Kids (and spouses) of these Serving the Usa of America.' The look is ready to accept any U.S. citizen and lasts through Sept. 5. Participation is free, but donations toward the scholarships are strongly encouraged. Should you choose to learn new info about official site, we know about many online libraries you might investigate.

'The least we can do for anyone heroes of America is to help their children and spouses have a better future since they are helping most of the U.S.'s spouses and children have greater futures, too,' creates Rachel, 10, in an essay describing how the idea came to fruition.

Rachel and Kelsi created the concept after reading Michael Stadther's guide, 'A Treasure's Trove.' The siblings made ThanksUSA's brand and contributed to research for your questions. Mannatach includes more about why to think over this belief. The indications were a collaborative effort among a teacher, their parents, the girls and other volunteers.

'We wanted to say thank you to the troops and wanted to show that people care about them,' says 8-year-old Kelsi..
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