Description: Form DD 1172-2 is required for contractors to receive a Common Access Card (CAC). Marriage certificate to sponsor (Note 1) and Death certificate of sponsor. The sponsor must include documents that establish their eligibility and verify the Federal person identifier. 1. It is very important to remember that the DD Form 1172-2 has replaced the DD Form 1172 rendering the later obsolete.

3. An appropriate document from any other source authorized by State or local law with written approval from the responsible uniformed service Judge Advocate General or local SJA. Eligibility ends on your child's 23rd birthday or when he or she is out of school, whichever comes first.

2. A marriage certificate that establishes the relationship between the child's parent and the sponsor. The documents that should accompany the form vary depending on the completed DD 1172-2 form. It is important to note that there is more than one column for dependent information.

The new DD Form 1172-2 requires to get personal information from both the government employee and dependent, including their full names, social security, contact information and address. 7. Sponsor certification on the DD Form 1172-2 that the sponsor is not providing more than 50 percent or that the child does not resides in the household.

The DD Form 1172-2 should then be provided to a DoD sponsor for authorization and completion of Section III. 2. An ITO, Foreign Visit Request, or letter produced by the sponsoring DoD Component authorizing eligible dependents to accompany the sponsor. 1. DD Form 2698, approved by the responsible uniformed service.

Marriage certificate to sponsor (Note 1) and Divorce decree from sponsor (Note 2) and Statement of service (Note 3). 2. A medical sufficiency statement issued by a physician in support of the military treatment facility or authorized TRICARE service provider, stating incapacitation, and dated within 90 days of application, as required by the sponsoring component.

1. A common law marriage certificate, a court order, or a written SJA opinion that a common law marriage is recognized by the relevant State or U.S. jurisdiction is also accepted. 3. Eligible dependents, as identified in subpart C of this part, are required to establish their relationship to the sponsor, as specified in Tables 1 through 12 of this subpart, if the relationship has not previously been established.

DoD sponsors updating their own status or adding a personnel condition impacting benefits (e.g., overseas assignment) should complete Sections I and II. 4. Includes other ID card eligible populations managed by the Trusted Associate Sponsorship System for which DEERS is the authoritative source.

If you are a sponsor, and you want to enroll your dependents in DEERS, you have to fill out sections I, II and V. If you are an eligible employee applying for ID card, you have to fill out sections I and II. Personnel of Department of Defence (DoD) have to complete section III.

The DD Form 1172-2 shall also be used to enroll eligible individuals in DEERS or to update an eligible individual's DEERS record. Change in financial status (Note 1) or Divorce decree (Note 2) or Marriage certificate (Note 3) or Death certificate (Note 4) or. 1. Notice of eligibility from the Service's designated Reserve Personnel Center establishing the uniformed service member's eligibility for retired pay at age 60.

Marriage certificate (Note 1) or Death certificate (Note 4) or Change in financial status (Note 7) or Letter from school registrar (Note 8). The DD Form 1172-2 requires due diligence to fill out. Retirement orders or Correction of military record (Note 1) or DD Form 214 (Note 2).

This form is used by reserves, active duty and retired service members to register in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and receive an identification card. 2. An order or other appropriate document from a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States (or U.S. territory or possession) that establishes paternity.
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