If you own a Samsung device, you may have heard of the EFS partition, or more or less, where you have seen similar words. If you have no concept at all, please listen to us briefly:

EFS, (Encrypting File System, encrypted file system. In Samsung devices, EFS refers to a partition in which to save very important radio radio communication data. Usually we also call Radio as the baseband if your device Without Radio data, you will not be able to use the phone function normally. It can even be said that your device will not be usable, or that it will be broken.

It can be seen how important the EFS partition is in the Samsung device. Therefore, if you have a Samsung model, it is very necessary to back up an EFS partition. The good news is that XDA-Developers senior member ricky310711 developed an EFS backup and recovery applet called Samsung Tool. The current version is 2.0.

Samsung Tool is easy to use. It allows you to easily back up or restore EFS partitions of Samsung devices. Not only that, Samsung Tool also allows you to restart your device in a variety of modes, respectively, restart, warm restart, restart to Recovery recovery mode and restart to Download mode. Even better, Samsung Tool is just an APK application. In other words, installing the app is as simple as installing any other Android universal app like QQ.

Although we hope that you will never need to do the work of restoring the EFS partition, it will never be a bad idea for you to do an EFS backup.

Samsung Tool APK Installer Download com.sec.ricky310711.samsungtool-V2.0.apk

Please note that do not see the name of the Samsung Tool and mistakenly believe it is the official application of Samsung. In addition, the EFS partition data of the device that is backed up by this application is in the /data/media/SamsungTool directory.

As of the writing of this article, the Samsung Tool application has been successfully tested on the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. However, the app should work on more Samsung devices. You can try to backup and see if you have a Samsung device.

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