This should be regarded as 'my mother no longer have to worry about me messing up ...' series.

With this extracted backup package, it is equal to your exclusive one flash package, even if you brush other packages, with this you can also quickly return to your state before the flash; of course if you think you are doing great , Please share it with the community!

This is not only applicable to z1, other mobile phones should also be able to verify the specific friends trouble backup data, there are problems, contact!

requires attention:

1 Brush risk, data backup must be preceded.

2 phone must first get root privileges

3Mobile phone usb debugging function must be enabled

4 Your computer must obtain the usb debugging authorization from the mobile phone (If you find adb, the computer prompts you that there is no device, there is no usb debugging authorization prompt on the mobile terminal, then surely the computer will not initiate usb debugging authorization application. In this case, It is recommended to use the latest version of adb to connect, etc. After authorization, you can use the lower version of the adb. Of course, there are many ways to allow the computer to initiate the usb debugging authorization application.

5 extracted package brush back usually need to use twrp third-party rec brush machine, this must be familiar with, if not familiar, it is not recommended tossing this. Of course, you can also flash through the fastboot tool in the adb toolkit. . . Of course, there are more than two ways, but I only recommend these two, it is not recommended such as brush machine fine x etc. Brush software.

6 familiar with unlock rec operation

Adb toolkit google official version of the latest version can download the link below


Root system can refer to the link below


Zuk edge can use it

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Don't know if other manufacturers' mobile phones can be used

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Xiaomi4 except can not extract the logo, other normal

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This package can not be packaged together with the application

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