\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp;\u0026nbsp; There are many commercial spies nowadays, and many of them are connected to external devices via U-disks and other USB devices to leak corporate data. If you have important information or information on your computer, then you need to be careful, you need a usb to disable the software, the software to disable the usb storage device by modifying the registry, system files, can prevent data from being copied from the usb . And the tool will only disable the USB memory, USB mouse, keyboard or other non-USB memory will not be any effect, this is a very light and practical USB disable tool.

Technical principle:

1. Modify an item in the registry


When the value of Start item is 4, the system automatically disables the assignment of the drive letter. When it is 3, the drive letter is automatically assigned. When inserting a U disk, this U disk has never been inserted in this computer, the value must be 3 in order to identify the U disk

2. Delete the USB storage device driver file.

The two files in the windows system directory: %Windir%\\inf??or.inf and %Windir%\\inf??or.pnf are responsible for loading the usb storage device.

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